• CD4 - ARSENIUM (+ other news of course)

    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    I hope you enjoyed the little surprise that I gave you on Sunday. I worked on it very hard on a Monday, just thinking about composing a little remix song and... That changes from covers because I'm lost and when I try to make covers, I don't know why, I fail...

    CD4 is finally aired! You can enjoy the free download just there!

    Tracklist of the CD4 :

    01. Lamia -Bloody Moon mix- (feat. Hinomoto Oniko)**
    02. Psychiatric (feat. Gahata Meiji)**
    03. Backyards (feat. Hoshine Stella)**
    04. ARSENIUM (feat. Lily)*
    05. Marisa (feat. Lily)*/**
    06. Numeric Killer (feat. Lily)*/***
    07. Cyber Oblivion (feat. Heion Aika)*
    08. Time Bomb (feat. Heion Aika)*/**
    09. COMPOISON (feat. Heion Aika)
    10. Danae (feat. Akine Midori)*
    11. Aether (feat. Akine Midori)
    12. Dead Fates (feat. Akine Midori)**

    * demo and album versions different
    ** yandere-themed song
    *** yangire-themed song

    The songs published with the same version as demos are "Lamia -Bloody Moon mix-", "Psychiatric" (made on Soundation), "Backyards" (too long), "Aether" and "Dead Fates". All others have been modified : extra instruments, extra lyrics, changed some effects etc.

    As you know me, not recommended for all audiences of course... There's one yangire song, and about... 6 yandere songs? Quite a lot. But you'll never be done with yandere stuff...

    For CD4.5... The title of the album will be "End Sentence", with 14 songs. There are some of them that I already project to make an exclusive album version, after... Still working on it.

    The tracklist of the CD4.5 :

    01. Melantha (feat. Anna Nyui vivid)*
    02. Melvine (feat. Anna Nyui falsetto)*
    03. Diantha (feat. Anna Nyui candy)*
    04. Sweet Zone (feat. Tohoku Kiritan)
    05. World of Nightmare (feat. Tohoku Kiritan)*
    06. Cherryblossoms (feat. Tohoku Itako and Tohoku Kiritan)
    07. River (feat. Tohoku Itako)
    08. Alodie (feat. Tohoku Itako)*
    09. LILITHIUM (feat. Gahata Meiji)*
    10. Lonely Curse (feat. Gahata Meiji)
    11. Flora (feat. Gahata Meiji)*
    12. Kaligenia (feat. Lily)*
    13. SANCRINA (feat. Lily)*
    14. End Sentence (feat. Lily)

    * yandere-themed songs

    Again I won't tell you which will be the remastorized songs or not... And less what modifications I did.

    Other new, this time a bad one, about the series between the producer and the singers... That I cancel. There are several reasons to this decision.

    1) Lack of time. I also have a real life next to my producer identity (mainly as a student) and I lose many of my time in works.
    2) Too complicated to make. I hesitated between different formats : video, only audio, even video with a visual novel format... Each time I needed to work several things that are, actually, impossible or very hard to make.
    3) Quality. I'm not sure that with an English speech I'll talk very well (I sometimes talk fast to be honest) and my pronounciation can not be always correct (I'm French, nor American, nor English) and if I make a video with the visual novel format... Animations would miss or really be bad. It's no way for me to offer you something worked very fast and failed for this kind of things. And for text... Not sure that's really a good idea. I also write many things as producer, as a player (let's say it)... And even as a player, when I needed to write something, I notice that I don't have so much time and that I must "skip" some things. Sorry.

    Remember that my pace is very very tight, because on French holidays time (C zone) it's about one song per day and on non-holiday time (as currently) it's about up to 2 or 3 songs per week. If you don't see any news of me during a day, don't worry, I'm still busy. Maybe with lyrics, or a little surprise... Who knows what will happen in the future?

    Thanks to you all for support. I really appreciate it. I'm still ready to continue, as it's a passion! Because yes, for some of you, being a producer can be seen as a job, but first, it's a real passion. We compose, arrange, write what we want, when we want, and with all our heart. It's always the little personal touch to our works : our heart and our feelings that we want to share with you.

    Finally, I want to say a little word about last events. I'm very sad. And disgusted. We don't have to live in the hatred. We can't live in the constant fear, it's not human. I mean... It's not normal. ・゚・(ノД`)・゚・

    Take care of yourselves.