• CD3 - Toxicity

    CD3 - Toxicity

    CD3 - Toxicity (click on the picture to download the 320kbits/s tracks + booklet)

    The album is finally aired!

    I'm still working as you could see on the CD3.5, but today, it's time for a big release, the album "Toxicity"!


    01. Blanca (ft. Totoko Shirahane)
    02. Forgotten Bride (ft. Totoko Shirahane)
    03. ORTHINA (ft. Totoko Shirahane)
    04. Last Psychosis (ft. Sayu Yurika)
    05. Maitena (ft. Sayu Yurika)
    06. Mylene (ft. Sayu Yurika)
    07. Toxicity (ft. Tei Sukone)
    08. Lina (ft. Tei Sukone)
    09. MELLIA (ft. Tei Sukone)
    10. Snowflake (ft. Sana Fuyune)
    11. Carlea (ft. Sana Fuyune)
    12. Amelia (ft. Sana Fuyune)

    All the songs except for "Snowflake" and "Amelia" are considered as yandere or related to yandere themes.

    And I'll make an announcement, partial, but the part that I'll talk about today is already confirmed.

    Soon I'll use a FL Studio for composing the songs! But I don't know very well the software and if I use it, the time between a production made with Soundation (as always) and another one with FL Studio will be longer.

    Another thing : on October/November, a sort of special series will begin on YouTube. You won't see any picture during the video (except for a little screen capture).

    The goal is to create an interaction between producer/singers, very special...

    I'll say it now for the story : it's in a scenario, don't worry, if some parts of the story will be real, another ones are the result of exaggerations! It's a habit that I have, mainly for songs.

    Each episode will be aired every 2 or 3 months. Because it's a special video and a "recap" of all a period of the time, it's normal that episodes are more spaced in the time.

    Only problem : the audio. For the moment, it would be in English in one part made with another voices that don't come from UTAU but from me or from acapela (remember, the website that I use for voice special effects in the instrumentals) and maybe Japanese (translated, sorry, I don't talk correctly this language) for interactions between UTAUs because I know that English will be weird with them.

    The story itself? I'll let you wait, but I think that you already know it.


    Have fun! And thanks for support!