• CD29 "Invalid Revolution"

    Hello, Nynthixia here!

    The album "Invalid Revolution" is out! 13 tracks including a little duet bonus (you know with who now) to download below!


    Of all the tracks, only the song "Invalid Revolution" got a little SFX change, but otherwise, the other demos are the same as the ones you got in public. There are also some new inedite songs:

    - "Viper Tongue" - a song with Meiji about a liar and manipulative woman
    - "Mind Prison" - a psychological horror song with Zunko
    - "TRAUMEDREAM" - a psychological horror song on future bass/trap music with kokone
    - "Epidemic Scheme" - a yandere song with MAYU
    - "Prototype" - a song about Saint Louis (Azur Lane series) by Zunko
    - "Little Closed World" - with Nyui, remember when I said lockdown really infected my thoughts on a song? Here's the one
    - "It Is Over Anyway" - a dreamy yandere song with Tei
    - "Not Yet" - the answer by Bibi and Wistaria to last public Meiji's song


    Otherwise for the ones who wanted to know where all the conversions of the pages:

    - all S01 song pages on the blog have been updated with the correct links and their players have been replaced by the 2 buttons
    - some recent S04 song pages got their players replaced as well
    - all the songs from the album "ARSENIUM" are also converted
    - conversions are ongoing for S02 songs that have pages on the blog

    There are still lots to do. At the same time they get their pages on the database, there was a huge work these last days at this level, especially with the platforms going down.

    Also officially, MQube is dead. For good. Website unable to be accessed and not just "late to respond". It's over. And this time we have no proper successor like it happened when Tmbox went dead. So for the remixes and the cover, still thinking about making a mega archive to upload it to Google Drive. But I'll need to instaure some rules however such as "reposting forbidden".

    Enjoy your album~