• CD27 "Calling Out the Sirens"

    CD27 "Calling Out the Sirens"


    Hello, Nynthixia here

    Airing this album on time for this month! And this album, you know it already, is themed on the game Azur Lane!

    I know there is no crossfade for this album because I finished the album on Thursday, and honestly, doing this just for two days... It's better to have at least one week for this... For "Imitation" it was even one month...


    So here is the full tracklist!

    01. LEVIATHIANA (feat. Gahata Meiji -Lilith-, -Hunter-)
    02. Simulation (feat. CUL)
    03. Symphony of the Dark Matron (feat. Lily)
    04. Requiem for a Cruel Fate (feat. Kizuna Akari)
    05. Dragon's Little Sisters (feat. Tohoku Kiritan)
    06. Rising Phoenix (feat. MAYU)
    07. Miracle of Doom (feat. Gahata Meiji -Hunter-)
    08. Feed Me With Jealousy (feat. CUL)
    09. Sanctuary of Sirens (feat. Lily)
    10. Purify the Web (feat. Kizuna Akari)
    11. Terror from Below (feat. Tohoku Kiritan)
    12. Red Spider at the Ceiling (feat. MAYU)


    The names of the entities from the game corresponding to each track in this table:

    Track name Genre/challenges Singer Corresponding character Nation (game/real) Notes
    LEVIANTHANA Trance, glitched electro
    Challenge: Adding glitched elements
    Gahata Meiji -Lilith- and -Hunter- Arbiter III Empress Siren / none (Inedite track)
    It has been actually difficult to create a track about a character who only appeared this year and said one sentence in non-Japanese versions of the game...
    More about general Sirens's plans
    Simulation Trance, dance, techno
    Challenge: no lead track, create everything from scratch and the sequences pads
    CUL Tester β Siren / none (Inedite track)
    Can also be a track for Observer α actually...
    Two Sirens we tend to see a lot
    Also about lots of generalities on the Sirens's plans
    Symphony of the Dark Matron Industrial/classical
    Challenge: Insert many classical orchestra instruments to make a masterpiece
    Lily Friedrich der Grosse Ironblood / Nazi Germany Creating a dark atmosphere for a mysterious but very motherly character. As an orchestra master in a world of darkness.
    Requiem for a Cruel Fate Electroworld
    Challenge: insert a flute melody
    Kizuna Akari Shoukaku Sakura Empire / Imperial Japan (Inedite track)
    The lyrics had to be quite dark and sad, since the real aircraft carrier IJN Shoukaku sunk with all her crew aboard...
    Dragon's Little Sisters Electroworld
    Challenge: create a music using typical Chinese instruments
    Tohoku Kiritan Ping Hai, Ning Hai Eastern Radiance / Republic of China Difficult to create a track where the two sisters could talk together, especially with a single singer (knowing her CVVC and her VCV are not the same quality at all), hence the 3rd person point of view.
    The two girls are born in a very poor country, from material from Imperial Japan... Before being sunk by them.
    Rising Phoenix Pop, electroworld
    Challenge: create a majesty-like music, having piano sequences
    MAYU Taihou Sakura Empire / Imperial Japan (Inedite track)
    Taihou is... Obsessed with the commander. To the point even if the commander hates her, she won't believe it and will think the others will try to take you away from her.
    Normal the lyrics reflect this obsession!
    Miracle of Doom Dance
    Challenge: make it mid-Siren themed mid-Ironblood themed
    Gahata Meiji -Hunter- Prinz Eugen Ironblood / Nazi Germany This one... Impossible you recognize this track when you know the demo too well. Lots of instruments have been switched to make it sound a bit more industrial.
    Though still some dance themes to make understand Eugen was clearly with the Sirens in the story... I mean... It's said since the game's tutorial!
    Feed Me With Jealousy Industrial, hardstyle, dubstep
    Challenge: make the music uneasing and violent
    CUL Roon Ironblood / Nazi Germany Note that no KMS Roon really existed, not even on blueprints.
    Roon is a very violent character despite her nice airs with the other girls. She is a yangire gaining some yandere tendancies when the commander marries her. Yeah, this girl has several screws lose!
    Sanctuary of the Sirens Pop, electroworld
    Challenge: insert a Japanese classical instrument
    Lily Zuikaku Sakura Empire / Imperial Japan (Inedite track)
    Very different from Shoukaku's track which is sad and melancholic, Zuikaku's is very upbeat.
    The lyrics have been inspired a lot by the event "Visitors Dyed in Red".
    Purify the Web Trance
    Challenge: (none)
    Kizuna Akari Purifier Siren / none Pure trance, with the Siren lyrics being the more specific to one Siren: Purifier.
    Loving to smash her enemies, she takes pleasure into doing her work. Even if she has known some... Improvised things?
    Terror from Below Pop, electroworld
    Challenge: insert a Japanese classical instrument
    Tohoku Kiritan I-168 (aka Iroha) Sakura Empire / Imperial Japan (Inedite track)
    At the time Japanese-themed and having a sort of "underwater pressure" air. I really love the track for I-168.
    Lyrics are especially about her between the time of the war Eagle Union / Sakura Empire, and the time she is with the commander. I-168 was really feared by some other shipgirls... Right Yorktown?
    Red Spider at the Ceiling Pop
    Challenge: (none)
    MAYU Akagi Sakura Empire / Imperial Japan (Explicit song)
    Very different from typical tracks for Sakura Empire characters, since Akagi is working closely with Sirens, the music is closer from the ones for the Sirens than for her own empire like Shoukaku and Zuikaku had.
    She is also a very possessive yandere, chaining the commander to her bed so they can stay together. Oh, and she also hates Taihou... And Enterprise of course.
    She is also quite... Shameless sometimes?


    Symphony of the Dark Matron (feat. Lily)
    [WARNING] This project cannot obtain a compatibility patch for below FL Studio 20.5
    [EXTENSION] Extended end
    [INSTRUMENT] Added flute patterns (FLEX)

    Miracle of Doom (feat. Gahata Meiji -Hunter-)
    [INSTRUMENT] Changed pad preset (iZotope Iris 2)
    [INSTRUMENT] Changed arp pad preset (FLEX)
    [INSTRUMENT] Lowered by one octave and changed lead preset (Hybrid)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added SFX at beginning of last chorus

    Red Spider at the Ceiling (feat. MAYU)
    [INSTRUMENT] Changed pluck preset (GMS)
    [INSTRUMENT] Changed sequence pad preset (FLEX)

    + the 6 inedite tracks of course...



    And for the next album? Nothing is done yet. Chances I may do the same scheme as for this one: half tracks may be public, the others private. The deadlined songs will always be public. The next deadline is October 12th, for Ritsu. Next album, except Ritsu at least. As for the others, I'll see.
    The reasons why the private tracks:

    1) I think this brings even more excitement for an album. Generally it's always tracks which all have their demos, then the demos get reworked for half of them (most of time) to be released. Here you have some surprises you can discover at the same time!
    2) Storage limits. By doing this, I reduce the amount of storage needed to stock the songs. And especially with Google Drive which doesn't work at all the same way fichier-zip did (fichier-zip didn't have any storage limits). For instrumentals, it can be sent by mail quite easily (prepare mailboxes accepting up to 15/20Mo of data per mail though, it will depend of the size and length of the file, and ensure the mailbox accepts at least mp3 and zip files).
    3) Less publication time. For private tracks, it's just the time to fill up a certificate specific to them. For public songs, it's preparing a blog post, the uploads (blog + Drive + MQube or Soundcloud for some) and the public license ticket.


    See you in few days, and enjoy the album!