Hello, Nynthixia here

    Here is the album... Finally
    Probably the last of 2019, who knows

    Here are the 6 album exclusive tracks in a sort of little resume:

    Emergency Dream

    There is a theory about people having experiences in their dreams... Sometimes to face a danger that may happen in their real life, becoming thus more competent in real life against this danger.
    This song is recommended for all audiences - A rating


    A girl abandoned in an adventure dying in a cavern, even though she is not completely blaming the one who took her here.
    This song has been rated as Mature (first class) and is not recommended to people below 12 - M12 rating

    Chaotic Rain

    Psychological song, about a paranoid girl in a logicless world.
    This song has been rated as Mature (first class) and is not recommended to people below 12 - M12 rating

    Across the Line

    Two girls. Two separated lands. One in love with another, already promised to someone else. And when the first girl reveals herself to be horribly possessive, things can turn out... Bad.
    This song has been rated as Mature (second class) and is not recommended to people below 14 - M14 rating

    Ran Out of Gasoline

    A crude and tragic song about a woman in a poor place, forced to shoot herself up to not be out of energy. About the dangerous trap of society that drug can be.
    This song has been rated as Mature (first class) and is not recommended to people below 12 - M12 rating

    Hester -Truth-

    "The girl who lived a whole life of lies and decided to actually commit what would cause her end... Before she finds hope again... Maybe?"
    The truth behind Hester.
    This song has been rated as Mature (second class) and is not recommended to people below 14 - M14 rating


    Changelog... For "Parasitism". All other tracks were not modified.

    [EXTENSION] Extended intro
    [INSTRUMENTS] Added kicks in second part of intro
    [INSTRUMENTS] Added chords pattern in first part of intro
    [INSTRUMENTS] Added impact SFX at mid-intro


    OK, I had actually hesitated between two dates for this album... Either November 9th, either 16th. And oh gosh, I did really good to let myself to the 16th, because otherwise "Ran Out of Gasoline" wouldn't been there. My back pain had striked again on Tuesday of last week, making me lose two full days of production, obligated to lie down and to use the visual keyboard to communicate online. This... Wasn't great. These two days could have been spent for Ritsu's song but... To work on a song I need to be on a chair, to write down the annotations, to be very careful to notes input... Things that I couldn't have done on a bed.
    So yeah, that's why its production date is actually late. To equilibrate the production methods, I still used the first Nectar Elements I had for Ritsu's capella, despite having used Nectar 3 Elements for the work before (NECOLINA).

    About this... I got Nectar 3 Elements last week, by buying some more sample packs (Glitchmachines do good things)... For free. Again. I had just to wait for some time. But to be honest... Nectar 3 Elements has nothing to do with the original Nectar Elements. In Nectar 3, you don't have any pre-made presets, it's an artificial intelligence which does all the work with machine learning. So it has to learn how I'm working.

    Generally a mastering chain for capellas is done like this:

    ExpressFX Reverb -> Phasis* -> Neutron Elements -> Vocal Doubler* -> Nectar Elements -> Ozone 8 Elements

    * optional

    So when I ask Nectar 3 Elements to work, all other effects are already active. Neutron already enhances the capella a bit and Ozone is already taming some mid-frequencies. And I do it on the capella main, then I repercute the exact same treatments on the cho track.

    Add to this I'm working with a headset that now better redistributes frequences than my previous one did (it had issues with low basses and sub basses). So all that can be little defaults, I can better hear them. And when I'm working with Nectar 3 Elements, I feel like with the preset the machine is giving me, is not enough to enhance well the capella. So I tweak dynamics a bit, sometimes de-esser (and I learnt that tweaking this too much gives bad results)... Giving a more particular mastering that is very different of hearing for sound pros than the previous masterings (with Nectar Elements 1.00). However, on a mp3 player (I have my Walkman for testing some issues), these issues tend to be diminished.
    Conclusion: it really depends of how your headset ou earphones redistribute the sound. But for someone who's not used to it, I understand it can be weird at hearing.

    Question is: "will I stop using Nectar Elements (1)?"
    And answer is "no"

    Nectar 1 Elements (I'll call it like this, but it's the original one I got with VEGAS Pro 13) is used for another thing, it is used for centered beats in the instrumental (except for heavy kicks which use EQ2). So its place still belongs here, as Nectar 3 Elements is clearly more done for vocal tracks. Its machine didn't learn for beats.

    So it's still be here, just it leaves a place.


    Saw the deadlines? Next one is on December. Which means
    for 3 weeks there won't be any PUBLIC song
    but I'll still produce... It will just be private tracks! (min 6)

    But no worries... I'll find a way to keep yourselves busy!

    Tracklist for CD28... I'm still working on it, 5 other titles are already confirmed, for now it's a tracklist of 12 songs with half of them being public (the 2 you already got, one song with Stella, one with IA, a trio Yukari/CUL/Akari (I played safety card) and a song with Oniko).
    This also means I'll have to work on another album in the meanwhile... To fill up the at least 2 songs per week (the one of December 11th and the one of December 25th). But there... No idea about it!
    The album title is not confirmed yet... To the point my folder of lyrics is just called "CD28". Yeah...

    Enough said, enjoy!