• CD26.5 "Alien Eyes"

    Hello, Nynthixia here

    First, sorry for Akari, but the album has been finished in a very tight schedule, that I have worked on it all the day, leaving no place for Akari's song. No worries, it will come tomorrow instead.

    This album, that I had to push back of one month... Here it is! With not 2, but 3 inedite tracks (due to timing issues again...)


    Here is the changelog:

    CEITLIN (feat. Shirahane Totoko)
    [MIXDOWN] Centered mechanic uplifter
    [REMOVAL] Removed pad pattern for 4 first measures

    All In Your Mind (feat. Tohoku Kiritan)
    [INSTRUMENTS] Extended atmo/impact during all final intro part
    [INSTRUMENTS] Replaced VFX during second verse by pad pattern

    Shut Me Down (feat. Namine Ritsu)
    [INSTRUMENTS] Changed instrument for synth and lead (FLEX)

    Clytemnestra (feat. Namine Ritsu)
    [MIXDOWN] Enhanced screaming chord lead sample volume

    Re;TAKE (feat. Lily, IA)
    [INSTRUMENTS] Raised of one octave arp pad


    The 3 inedite tracks, before I do their blog posts:
    - Wanda: it's about the first bad ending of KALEIDO STELLA. When you force a girl to get out of her world and try to get back to one she hates.
    - Necrosed Rebirth: part of Corruption series. Stella is dead? Nah...
    - Remember Who We Are: about a group of sadistic cyber-harrassers torturing their preys until these last ones commit suicide. The worst group you can ever imagine.


    The CD27?

    It's still in progress, very slowly first, now it should be a bit faster. Only deadlined tracks will be public. So you'll get one more public song with Akari, one with MAYU and one with Kiritan. All other tracks that haven't been published yet will be album only.
    The schedule is horribly slowed down especially due to stress issues and fatigue, which even slowed down the work pace to 1 song per week several times in a row.
    Will it continue? It will depend of my health and of my schedule for September, which is more than uncertain.


    Question is: "will I give you the tracklist for now"?


    Actually I won't give it now. However I can give the album name, that I had indeed changed since "Miracle of Doom", and it's "Calling Out the Sirens". This album is themed for a game (do you know Azur Lane? It's like Kancolle, but by China), and you got already 3 songs, so 3 characters.


    So here is a little table with the name of each public track and the name of the character it represented.

    Gahata Meiji Miracle of Doom Prinz Eugen
    CUL Feed Me With Jealousy Roon
    Lily Symphony of the Dark Matron Friedrich der Grosse
    Kizuna Akari Purify the Web
    Tohoku Kiritan Dragon's Little Sisters Ping Hai, Ning Hai
    MAYU Red Spider at the Ceiling

    Yeah, I began with... 3 German ships. But if you know the game a little bit, now the lyrics should remind you some traits of each character. And no worries it won't be about German ships only.


    Please enjoy the album!


    EDIT September 1st: track for Akari is revealed!
    EDIT September 19th: track for MAYU is revealed! Album will be released on September 28, 2019