• CD23 "Fourth Purgatory"


    Hello, Nynthixia there

    This time, I'm not late, it was very tight, but I did it! 45th album! The fourth purgatory...

    Where the hell doesn't forgive your crimes in the afterlife

    This time I had to include the certificate in the zip file... Because the drive denies reading the file. Remember on old computers when you didn't have the Eastern Asiatic languages module installed, you saw these squares instead of some characters? Well, imagine the same thing on all the normal text.

    Changelog for the tracks, knowing that:
    - "IANTHA" and "HEGEMONIA" are identical to their demos
    - "Purgatory", "Caliadne", "Mnemosyne" and "Degeneration" are almost identical, they just have been remastered on their capella because... Neutron Elements! (Will explain later) As for the other tracks... (Yes they also have been remastered with this plugin as well)

    Trianon (feat. Tohoku Zunko)
    [EXTENSION] Extended intro
    [INSTRUMENT] Sidechain pad now plays during first verse
    [INSTRUMENT] Distorted VFX, Sidechain pad and long synth now play during intro

    Sabbath (feat. Hinomoto Oniko)
    [INSTRUMENT] Pad now begins to play at same time as harp plucks
    [INSTRUMENT] Uplifter SFX and dry guitar plucks now play during first bridge
    [MIXDOWN] Fixed loud capella volume

    CELAIA (feat. Yurika Sayu)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added crash roll
    [INSTRUMENT] Added flute during bridge part (FM8)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added SFX at end of second chorus
    [PATCH] Corrected alignment of second verse parts

    CALLIOPEIA (feat. Tohoku Itako)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added Slayer parts
    [INSTRUMENT] Added stab impacts at some supplementary parts

    I Don't Want To Know (feat. Tohoku Itako)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added SFX during first bridge


    You know what day was yesterday... The Black Friday. And who says Black Friday says "the companies are selling their plugins for really, really insane prices".

    So got some other samples and two plugins on Monday.
    The first plugin is the one you can clearly hear in the whole "HEGEMONIA" track, called Loom, an additive synthesis plugin! I'd say the sounds are quite interesting.
    The second plugin is Neutron Elements (that I got for free so now you know how I got it!) which is now used for remastering. Quite important and has a power quite similar to the legacy Nectar Elements plugin I have (you know, the one given for free with Vegas Pro 13).

    Other than this, the tracklist for December... Is not done yet. Actually, I just have the names for three tracks and that's it.

    The next deadlines will be on the following days:

    - December 11th: Stella
    - December 20th: IA
    - December 22nd: Akari, Yukari, CUL (yeah that much!)
    - December 25th: Oniko (again hooray)

    If the track with Oniko will be done during a fast pace week, it will be very difficult for the week of the 20th and the 22nd since I'd need to do... 4 songs. For a week under slow pace. This may be the exception, 4 songs a week for December 17th/23rd. That means I'll probably do air only 2 tracks on the week before (including Stella's song) and I'll work on IA's track at the end of this concerned week so it can be ready for the 20th.

    "And why don't you do a trio song with CUL, Akari and Yukari?"

    These are the tracks for which I actually have the names, and when you'll get their stories, you'll better understand why. These will be sister songs all of the three, three different stories in the same universe, so I need to keep them separated.

    "Air date of the next album?"

    December 29th (Saturday). With the worst schedule possible this can be done on time. And I won't do the same thing I did last year (two albums done on December). So the majority of the tracks which will be done on end of December will be for January album, which will be done, and some of them for the February one. This is the only solution to get rid of some of my fatigue.

    No I didn't recover from it.


    As for next softwares, it's a huge hesitation between VOCALOID5 upgrade, which stabilized a bit and... Something else. Rare are the people who actually know what is the second thing. I really really hesitate, it's harsh...

    But I keep my eyes onto it.


    Welp, enjoy the album, sorry I can't find how to fix the issue with Oniko having pronounciation issues (I know where this is coming from though!) except for "HEGEMONIA" where she sang very well. Thanks for your support!