• CD22 "Laments"


    Hello, Nynthixia here.

    First, sorry for the lack of posting recently. Lots of work to do, and the fatigue really doesn't help either.

    To be honest... This album, I finished it few hours ago. I never have been so badly organized... >< But here it is, on time. Phew.

    Changelog incoming... Lots of minor changes mainly. To begin with, I remastered with Ozone 8 Elements all tracks that had been done before I acquired the plugin. All of them except for songs with MAYU and "Empress of Heart".

    Bleeding Laments (feat. Kizuna Akari)
    [EXTENSION] Added reverse SFX at intro
    [INSTRUMENT] Added filtered FX (+200 pitch, global) and SFX kick before first chorus
    [MIXDOWN] Applied Ozone Elements treatment

    Same problem as "Judith", the intro was abrupt.

    Flavia (feat. Kizuna Akari)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added bridge lead
    [INSTRUMENT] Added VFX and modified organization before last chorus
    [INSTRUMENT] Modified arp pattern for bridge
    [MIXDOWN] Applied Ozone Elements treatment
    [MIXDOWN] Modified intro organization

    Lots of modifications on it. I tried to postpone a bit the last chorus but didn't work so I left it as it was.

    MORPHINIUM (feat. Kizuna Akari)
    [MIXDOWN] Applied Ozone Elements treatment
    Same instru

    One of the tracks with the most minor changes. Well, when the song had to be done with Morphine in its integrity (at least for synths)...

    Xylia (feat. Anna Nyui -raw-)
    [MIXDOWN] Applied Ozone Elements treatment
    [PATCH] Fixed capella pitch of some final notes
    Same instru

    And yeah... There was a mistake on notes. The song was really good but contained a mistake. Update to this version quickly...

    Insomniac (feat. Anna Nyui -vivid-)
    [MIXDOWN] Applied Ozone Elements treatment
    Same instru

    Didn't change anything else, the song was already great.

    Veronica (feat. Anna Nyui -raw-)
    [EXTENSION] Extended and modified outtro
    [INSTRUMENT] Removed some beats at beginning of last chorus
    [MIXDOWN] Applied Ozone Elements treatment

    I extended it a bit, not too long unlike the two others.

    Kalonice (feat. kokone)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added SFX before first verse and during second verse
    [MIXDOWN] Applied Ozone Elements treatment

    I was wondering where the slight sung voices were coming from and it was from one of the SFX samples... So I added more... Just because it's so great.

    JILLENE (feat. kokone)
    [MIXDOWN] Applied Ozone Elements treatment
    Same instru

    Didn't know what to modify on this one, so I just remastered it, since I did it just before acquiring Ozone...

    Paranoid (feat. MAYU)
    [EXTENSION] Extended outtro
    [INSTRUMENT] Added SFX uplifter before end

    More piano parts at the end!

    Tiffany (feat. MAYU)
    [INSTRUMENT] Changed preset for verses lead (T-Force Alpha Plus)

    The pluck sounded slightly detuned while the other hard lead was sounding right with the capella.

    Rancor (feat. IA ROCKS)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added atmosphere sample until silent bridge part
    [INSTRUMENT] Added glass break SFX at beginning of second verse
    [INSTRUMENT] Added long wub during first verse
    [INSTRUMENT] Added short wub during second verse
    [INSTRUMENT] Added SFX kick at beginning of outtro
    [INSTRUMENT] Added vocal synth during second chorus

    These are lots of little changes, the difficulty was to keep the verses different enough from each other. I really wanted a ghostly atmosphere, different than in "Unseen".


    OK and the other news, hope this will forgive me from the lack of posting...


    1) The tracklist for October!

    With Ritsu at least. Zunko will be for the next one. And... Guess what? The album will also be aired for her birthday. I'll have to really, really well organize her birthday, since my next holidays happen on October 29th!

    CD22.5 - "Lethargic Chimeras" - 27th October 2018

    01. Azucena (feat. Lily)
    02. Lethargic (feat. Lily)
    03. Repent Myself (feat. Lily)
    04. Hail (feat. Namine Ritsu)
    05. Kana (feat. Namine Ritsu)
    06. Chimerical (feat. Namine Ritsu)
    07. Laurenzia (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    08. Equilibrium (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    09. KARNELA (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    10. Jasmine (feat. Namine Ritsu) - deadline: October 12th
    11. XENYA (feat. Lily)
    12. Aiyana (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)

    As for November's tracklist, I don't have the track names, but I have the singers. You'll have Zunko, Itako, Oniko and Sayu who each have a deadline for the period (Zunko: Oct 27th; Itako: Nov 14th; Oniko: Nov 1st; Sayu: Nov 11th). And their album will be done faster than the October one, since I'll have a week at the end of October (the Halloween one <3) for doing 7 tracks in a row. Because I'm crazy. ^^
    Seriously don't do like me. For your sake!!!!

    2) The recent unlocks...

    Happened during two days, September 13th and 14th. On the 13th, I got Ozone 8 Elements. If you get some info about the recent promotions, you'll know how I acquired it... For free. Just by also acquiring a pack of presets for Vacuum (and gosh, its sounds are soooo good).
    On the 14th, I decided to also get Quadrant. To be honest, I first thought this was a synth. Aaaand... Yes and no. FL Studio recognizes it as a preset, but the thing comes with a lot of samples to modify and alterate with the plugin. But depending of the preset you set, Quadrant can act as an effect (distortion, delay...) or as a generator, creating a constant noise (yes, even when FL is not playing!), acting as a synth. For reduced price. A bit more than 4€.
    Yes the things from Glitchmachines are great. Very unusually for typical electro music like trance or dance... But it adds a little special touch. ^^

    3) The plans

    For the moment there is nothing special. Just still waiting for an upgrade of the singers I already have. I saw the VOCALOID5 engine stabilized itself a bit but I'll wait more because here... Using it now is not a necessity. It also has several backlashes that I already explained.

    4) "Imitation"

    Still in progress. No worries, it's just slowed down.

    5) And do you play CHARON games?

    I played "Vanilla's Referee Garden" three weeks ago (yes I bought it). It's... Very, very special. Typically, if I had to do songs on the game's theme (probably 3), the first story would be extremly censored, the second one is a bit unclear, and I didn't understand at all the third one. Yeah... Not before a while for the songs I guess.
    The second "Kimi to Boku" game won't have any song about it (like the first one didn't get one because... Um, well play it and you'll see why). Because I don't know what to do with a R18 game. Seriously. I'm very limited in the ratings. I can't do P-rated songs (pornographic, which are actually forbidden by several terms of use) and if I do E-rated (explicit) songs, I have to apply a lot of restrictions, including platform ones. So when a song gets such a rating... How to say I generally try to avoid the situation.
    (If you ask me if I got the game... The answer is "no". Same for "Paranoia", but not because of the rating)
    I'm aware about "Mihomi's Dream" as well. For this one... I guess it will also be a paid game but no problem, but it won't be available before October 10th. I keep my eyes on it. Yup, the game interests me.
    Same for the new game currently having a casting. Or... "Tsukimi's Return" (I'm not kidding)

    5) The covers/remixes

    Little reorganization on the covers. I have the one for "MYS" to post, using Yukari Lin. Will come before October 1st for sure. But after I'll change the pace and reduce it to "twice the year minimum", on 2 specific dates:
    - January 21st
    - June 9th
    (And you know why these ones)

    If there are any other covers, they will be posted randomly depending of the material available to me. But always on MQube. I'll always keep this rule.

    So no worries, the remixes and covers on sele's songs are not over... Just slowed down.


    And that's all for the moment. Enjoy!