• CD21 tracklist with its deadlines

    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    I'm quite tired for the moment, but I'm still standing. So I have little info about covers for the next months and a new tracklist.

    The covers:

    The covers for July and August are cancelled (yeah I did triple upload for June instead, for special occasion). They will resume on September, one week before the album airing date for the concerned month, and it will be "MYS" with Yukari Lin. Since the time I wanted to cover this song... And if you want to know what delayed this cover so much... Problems of repro build. Impossible to replicate some effects until the new tries few weeks ago.
    Like usual, it will be on MQube.


    And now... The tracklist!
    This will be tight because there are some chances that I begin this tracklist before I finish the other one. But here are the other tracks that will follow and the air dates that are already scheduled, the deadlines.
    Too much deadlines in June!!!

    CD21 - "Corruption Syndrome"
    Air date: July 28th 2018 (Sat.)

    01. Corruption Syndrome (feat. Kizuna Akari)
    02. Athame (feat. Kizuna Akari)
    03. Amanda (feat. Sukone Tei) - June 19th
    04. Meredith (feat. Sukone Tei)
    05. Psycho Paths (feat. Shirahane Totoko)
    06. Edith (feat. Shirahane Totoko) - July 10th
    07. Tremere Rosae (feat. Kizuna Akari, Yuzuki Yukari)
    08. Ingrid (feat. Tohoku Itako) - June 24th
    09. SALENCIA (feat. Tohoku Itako)
    10. What About Now (feat. Tohoku Kiritan) - July 16th
    11. A Beautiful Day (feat. Tohoku Kiritan)
    12. Florence (feat. Kizuna Akari)
    13. MYRSENE (feat. GUMI) - June 26th
    14. Relic of Hope (feat. GUMI)
    15. Complex Choices (feat. Lily, GUMI)

    So I'll try my very best! ><
    Also, I have the confirmation that for the last week of June I'll be under the "between 3 and 6 songs per week" schedule. Studies are over for me until September officially.
    I'm not very sure about the schedule for the upcoming year, but if needed I'll adapt myself.


    Speaking of deadlines by the way... The second deadline for Akari is August 30th. For me that's quite great news since she is very late compared to the other regular singers, now she will be at the same level as others... ^^ The date has been written on the song automatic deadlines document, where you'll find every deadline for each main and regular UTAU/Vocaloid I use.

    Next ones on the list?
    Meiji, CUL, Lily and Akari all have deadlines in August. So... Keep an eye on it!

    Enjoy and take care!