• CD21 - Corruption Syndrome


    Hello, Nynthixia here.

    Hint n°1: The fruit is maturing. - Hint given
    Hint n°2: Careful the red message. - See you in the booklet!

    OK, that was for the other project.


    And now... It's time for the changelog. Half of the tracks was modified, with less or more severe changes. If the track isn't listed, same as demo, you know the trick.

    Athame (feat. Kizuna Akari)
    [INSTRUMENT] Removed centered crash at the beginning of rolls
    [INSTRUMENT] Added new intro lead (GMS)
    [LYRICS] New lyrics added during bridge

    I think you may have guessed the inspiration of this one, "Remember me" (sele). The thing is that I wanted to leave the bridge empty at first, but it sounded... Well, empty. So I filled it. I made it so it wouldn't be identical to the inspiration source though.

    Meredith (feat. Sukone Tei)
    [EXTENSION] Extended end with repeated chorus

    This song is good, but the outtro was... A bit expeditive? So I extended it, especially on the solo beats part.

    Edith (feat. Shirahane Totoko)
    [INSTRUMENT] Changed first lead instrument (Vacuum Pro -> GMS)
    [MIXDOWN] Redone micro-alignment of capella with instru

    To be honest, I didn't really like this track. Now, that's... Slightly better. Yeah, there are some times where you don't like your works.

    Tremere Rosae (feat. Kizuna Akari, Yuzuki Yukari)
    [GLOBAL] Total reorganization of the track
    [LYRICS] New lyrics added

    Ah this one... I had an alternative idea for the organization so I set it up. Yes, the song is shorter. Yes, the organization is totally different. But yes, I could include the Onn VB of Yukari for once in a song, hooray! One year after having bought the V4 upgrade... About time!

    SALENCIA (feat. Tohoku Itako)
    [CAPELLA] The ending note at the last chorus is now shorter
    [PATCH] Partially corrected an abrupt phoneme change

    The instru of this one didn't change. The problem with Itako, it's the second time I noticed that, if I input really really long notes, she tends to sound robotic, even with fresamp. So I shortened the last note.

    What About Now (feat. Tohoku Kiritan)
    [INSTRUMENT] Modified piano pattern
    [INSTRUMENT] Added semi-arp pattern to first verse

    Wanted to make clearer the notes where Kiritan was singing.

    MYRSENE (feat. GUMI)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added bells pattern during choruses and second verse (M1)

    One of the most minor improvements of this album.

    Complex Choices (feat. Lily, GUMI)
    [EXTENSION] Extended end

    The song was a bit... Too short? But quite good enough though.




    For those who didn't read Twitter, I told a bit about VOCALOID5 and about the possible absence of a physical version of the engine itself. The thing is, when I get downloads versions, it's mainly because I don't really have the choice (case of Vegas and all the virtual synths/sound packages). But the priorities remain the same: Vegas will be upgraded first, then VOCALOID5. And I'm mainly waiting for a V5 upgrade that is in my interest.

    As for Totoko, I tried to repair the corruptions... I made tries when I was doing the album version. It's a big failure. Deformed notes, mainly because UTAU does adaptations based on the pitches. That means I can only use the Cute voicebank of Totoko for VCV (the CV is good but her vowels are a bit too strong and can make Totoko hard to understand, despite having an excellent sensibility for very short notes).

    Also, with the album versions, we got over the 1000 total works (original songs (demo and album versions) + transcendent transitions + remixes)! Already... (A bit more than 850 instru works under FL)


    And in case you're wondering if I'm suffering from heat... It's all the North part of the planet who's suffering. So, be extremely careful and take care of yourselves.

    Next work? "Harajuku Freak". Instru is done, ust files are done. I'll finish the song on tomorrow. Promised, after two songs with quite harsh/mature lyrics, this one will have a lighter ambience.

    Take care and enjoy!