• CD21.5 "Annihilation"

    "I'll annihilate all your hopes... Only a world of insanity, ashes and blood will remain."

    Hello, it's Nynthixia here and the "Annihilation" is here! And if you haven't seen the crossfade...


    Note: this album may not be suitable for people under 16 (not 14).


    Wow... So here we are. 42nd album. I'm really glad to air this on Lily's birthday. This made a quick decision on which tracks to do in private mode only for this album. Welp, for Lily's birthday, it's not a song, but three, yes, three new songs just for her.

    I'm sorry I haven't prepared an instrumental pack for these 3 tracks, this will be under request. If ever you need them, contact me or by the blog's page or on Twitter, which are the fastest ways.

    Since I haven't a lot of things to say now, because all the infos are in this blog post... Changelog time. Only "MANCENILLIUM" and "SINCUBUS" remain the same (and it's because of the latter one the album has the explicit rating, sorry).

    ILLANTHA (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    [INSTRUMENT] Altered intro
    [INSTRUMENT] Modified kick pattern in second verse
    [PATCH] Fixed false note in third lead pattern

    The false note thing could be really minor. I first fixed it in the capella of the demo, but there was still a weird impression at this moment of the song because of the lead. This shouldn't be the case anymore.

    Oceana (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    [CAPELLA] Slight enhancement of volume for both tracks
    [INSTRUMENT] Added chord lead for verses (FM8)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added SFX between bridge and last choruses

    The SFX is almost impossible to hear sadly, compression. I just enhanced the volume of the capellas that was a bit too low in specific conditions.

    Isolation (feat. CUL)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added atmo sample for third verse
    [INSTRUMENT] Modified kicks beginning for 2nd and 3rd verse
    [INSTRUMENT] Modified OHH pattern
    [INSTRUMENT] Removed impacts during non-vocal bridge
    [PATCH] Impact before last chorus now hits at the beginning of synth patterns

    The last one to be done, the one with the most changes... And there was a problem of measures.

    Faith (feat. CUL)
    [CAPELLA] Lowered volume of tri-harmonic capellas / chorus
    [INSTRUMENT] Replaced some uplifters
    [INSTRUMENT] Removed some uplifters
    [MIXDOWN] Modified Phasis preset and reverb type for chorus capellas

    In specific conditions the phased part sounded a bit saturated. Now it more sounds filtered. Also the main uplifter in the demo was weird to hear everytime.

    Judith (feat. CUL)
    [INSTRUMENT] Ending sweeps have now an uplifter
    [PATCH] Intro is less abrupt

    The intro was the main problem of the demo and it was due to the beginning impact. Now it is smoother.

    Harajuku Freak (feat. Gahata Meiji -Lilith-, -Hunter-)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added SFX at beginning of first verse and last chorus
    [INSTRUMENT] Added supersaws pattern in second part of last bridge
    [INSTRUMENT] Changed beats components
    [SINGER] Added singer append (-Hunter-)

    Lilith VB only was a bit smothered compared to the music sometimes. Now we have a really strong voice and the ending part does not saturate. The beats were also a bit weird, now they are more discret.

    Carinthia (feat. Gahata Meiji -Lilith-)
    [CAPELLA] Lowered volume of capellas
    [EXTENSION] Extended outtro
    [INSTRUMENT] Added gongs at beginning of first and second chorus
    [INSTRUMENT] Added snares and kicks in second chorus parts

    Exact reverse problem of "Harajuku Freak"! Here the voicebank was too loud, and I tried the Fairy VB first... But the quality of the Fairy VB is lower than the Lilith one for such reason... Also found weird the kicks and the snares were not present during the choruses.

    CHIASMATIC (feat. Lily)
    This is an unreleased song!

    "CHIASMATIC" is a psychological horror track in a glitched and numeric darkwave style. Longest track of the album but with a great beauty.

    Annihilation (feat. Lily)
    This is an unreleased song!

    In the spirit of "Re;BIRTH" and the songs have many similarities each other. There is still a difference which make them more mirrored than sister songs. Written thanks to censored bits of lyrics from "Carene" and "Black;Out".

    BETANY (feat. Lily)
    This is an unreleased song!

    Really clear and nice music for a serious topic about forced wedding and how it would affect a yandere... To the point she decides to break the fates of the two families for the sake of her own. (Yes she's insane)


    So enjoy listening the album! ^^