• CD19 "Vengeful and Graceful"


    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    The timelapse between this album and the next one will maybe be a bit short... I still hope you'll enjoy both of them anyways. Changelog time!

    Moon Dust (feat. kokone)
    [EXTENSION] Extended intro, added SFX
    [INSTRUMENT] Added roll in last bridge
    Especially for the roll where the bridge was weird without it...

    IRISANDRA (feat. Lily)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added bells A pattern at intro
    [INSTRUMENT] Added bells B pattern (M1) playing after first beat measures
    [MIXDOWN] Slight volume enhancement on both capellas
    The original sounded quite empty, now you have more bells!

    White Sleep (feat. Hoshine Stella)
    [CAPELLA] Capella fades in with filter automation instead of volume automation
    [CAPELLA] Final sentences have now a delay
    [INFO: COMPATIBILITY] Project is not compatible anymore with versions of FL below 12.5.1 b165
    [MIXDOWN] Global remastering for sequence pads equilibration
    I wanted to make the delays for the demo and delayed them (ha ha) for the album. Also on some devices there was a problem of equilibrium between the volumes of the different instruments. Same for the beginning of the capella where the first words were impossible to hear.

    Dear Bunnies (feat. Tohoku Kiritan)
    [CAPELLA] Double remastering and reverb lowering
    Kiritan should sound a bit clearer now. Especially when I'm working on the VCV which is a quite soft voice compared to the other versions.

    Former Memories (feat. Tohoku Kiritan)
    [INSTRUMENT] Changed atmo preset (Morphine)
    [INSTRUMENT] Changed sequence pad preset (FM8)
    I had difficulties to find a good atmosphere for the song when I made the demo. So I did a few changes.

    Re;Venge (feat. Lily)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added Slayer patterns

    Forget What I Said (feat. kokone)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added sidechained VFX for full intro and choruses
    Last chorus sounded empty compared to the other ones.

    NADEGIA (feat. kokone)
    [MIXDOWN] Modified final fade out
    The final fade out in the demo was very, very long. Too long.


    OK some announces to make now!

    1) the cover.

    Moving it to 2 on April due to a lack of time. The schedule is actually tight currently because of the reduced time (I usually have 4 or 5 weeks to do everything, here it was a bit less). The songs will be:
    - "December 9th" with GUMI (beginning of April)
    - "Lience" with IA (I may modify the original instru though...) (end of April)

    2) advancement on "Memento Mori"

    If you saw the discography page, I think you may have seen that the album has a fixed rating, "Explicit". It's due to the first song. When you'll get it on March 30th, you'll maybe understand. I tried to make it softer but... The idea was still there.
    Typically it's because one sentence has a reference to possible children torture... Ouch.

    So this song of course is done since few days ago, and you'll get it on next Friday. But keep in mind it will be more limited in terms of publishing (age limits mandatory, explicit warnings etc).

    3) tracklists for April and May

    Because yeah there are two of them. I had to adapt myself with the different deadlines, because May and June have quite a lot of them. With December, these are the heaviest months.

    I confirm that the CD20 will feature:
    - Meiji
    - Zunko
    - MAYU
    - Totoko (only one who doesn't have a deadline in this period!)

    CD20.5 will feature:
    - GUMI
    - Momo
    - Sayu
    - CUL

    So Itako is for CD21. With the math, apparently CD20.5 demos will be finished at beginning/mid-June. Here are the two tracklists (there is no indication for Meiji's appends, it's normal).

    CD20 "About Us"  - AIR DATE: MAY 28TH

    01. Shatter (feat. Gahata Meiji) - for May 10th
    02. About Us (feat. Gahata Meiji)
    03. GRETARIA (feat. MAYU) - for May 6th
    04. ANILINIUM (feat. MAYU)
    05. Decades of Sorrow (feat. Shirahane Totoko)
    06. Eirpne (feat. Shirahane Totoko)
    07. Kindness (feat. Tohoku Zunko) - for May 8th
    08. Natasha (feat. Tohoku Zunko)
    09. Roxane (feat. MAYU)
    10. Voodoo Daughter (feat. Gahata Meiji)
    11. Azalea (feat. Tohoku Zunko)
    12. Aurora (feat. Tohoku Zunko)


    CD20.5 "Happiness Disappearence" - AIR DATE: JUNE 23RD

    01. Antheia (feat. Momone Momo)
    02. Disappearence (feat. Momone Momo) - for May 22nd
    03. Jump for Happiness (feat. Yurika Sayu) - for June 7th
    04. Passion Reaper (feat. Yurika Sayu)
    05. STEFANIA (feat. GUMI)
    06. Selenium (feat. GUMI) - for June 9th (the reason? Don't see yet...?)
    07. Melpomene (feat. CUL)
    08. After;Math (feat. CUL)
    09. CLOTHORA (feat. GUMI) - for June 5th
    10. Remind Me (feat. Momone Momo)
    11. Zurine (feat. CUL)
    12. Fallen (feat. Yurika Sayu)


    For Momo I didn't indicate it but it may be the straight F4 VB, as usual.


    3) a patch... Coming very very late

    For the ones who have downloaded the album "Maidens of the Horrors", an error is present on the track "Maeva". A patched version of the track along with its certificate is available just here.
    The bug is a problem of repeating instru due to treatments in Vegas, and since this happened on the last track and that the silence at the end became total... Very difficult to notice!
    I'll try to do in sort this doesn't happen anymore in future tracks...


    So enjoy!