• CD19.5 tracklist

    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    So all the demos for the album "Vengeful and Graceful" are now out, and just before I begin to do the album versions, I'll give you the tracklist for the April album! This one will feature Nyui (as promised), Lily, Yukari and Tei (poor Tei, she doesn't have so much songs...). And of course, in this tracklist there is the famous song I wanted to do about the Huntress from DBD. So here is the tracklist, this is what awaits you next week and until this gets done:

    CD19.5 - "Memento Mori" - April 14th 2018

    01. Lullaby For Mother (feat. Anna Nyui) - will be aired on March 30th
    02. Gone Too Early (feat. Anna Nyui)
    03. The Unloved One (feat. Anna Nyui) - will be aired on April 5th
    04. Napea (feat. Anna Nyui)
    05. INDUNIA (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    06. Blame Yourself (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    07. Silence (feat. Sukone Tei)
    08. FRANZESCA (feat. Sukone Tei)
    09. Do Not Dare (feat. Sukone Tei)
    10. Myriam (feat. Anna Nyui)
    11. Eliane (feat. Lily)
    12. Memento Mori (feat. Lily)

    Got it for the Huntress song? Yeah, first track.

    Yeah for the date I can't really set it after because on April 21st and 28th I won't be at home and I'll be very limited on my material (no possiblity to work with VCV VBs especially). That means I have to work quite quickly and efficiently (at least 3 per week).

    The reason why I didn't set the name of Nyui's appends is because I don't know which one will be the best. But if you still want to have a range of the possibilities, it may be or the vivid voicebank that I love a lot, or the raw voicebank which is the most recent one.
    And if ever there is an interesting voicebank being aired on Nyui's birthday... Who knows?

    As for other voicebanks:

    - Zunko: she has a deadline fixed on May 8th. She will maybe be featured in CD20.
    - MAYU: next deadline on May 6th. She will be featured in CD20 like Zunko.
    - Meiji: next deadline on May 10th. Or CD20 or CD20.5 I still have to calculate this.
    - Momo: deadline on May 22nd, more probabilities for CD20.5.
    - Sayu: same as Momo, CD20.5. Her next deadline is on June 7th.
    - GUMI: CD20.5, 2 deadlines in June (5th and 26th).
    - Itako: next deadline on June 24th. Probably CD20.5.

    From April 21st to April 28th: I'll work only with VOCALOID voicebanks or with CV UTAU voicebanks (so not the following ones: Nyui, Itako, Kiritan, Stella ; very few possibilities for Meiji because it is music-dependant).

    On June 9th it's sure there will be a cover. As for this month this may be a remix, but I'll maybe post it way later than usual. I'm still thinking about it. The place, as usual, will be on MQube.


    For material, still the same, Akari is on the wishlist, now I have to wait for the VOCALOID voicebank!

    Have fun!