• CD19.5 - "Memento Mori"


    (Warning: this album is not recommended for people under 16 (instead of under 14))

    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    So here it is, the "Memento Mori" album... This one has lots of changes. Here is the complete changelog for each track!

    Lullaby for Mother (feat. Anna Nyui -raw-, -vivid-)
    [CAPELLA] Octave raise on final part
    [CAPELLA] Final part is now under effects
    [INSTRUMENT] Added reverbed snares at the second intro part
    [MIXDOWN] Modified second atmo scratching during final bridge

    For the snares and the effect on the voice, it was more for dynamics. As for the pitch raise for the final part, it's to more fit with the actual instru sequence.
    For reminder: this song has the raw and vivid vocals at the same time.
    And it's the song being under the "16 years" age limit.

    Gone Too Early (feat. Anna Nyui -vivid-)
    [CAPELLA] Modifying abrupt pitch changes due to pitch curves for CHO capella

    I didn't change the instru, but I told about patching a bit the capella for abrupt pitch issues in the choruses.

    The Unloved One (feat. Anna Nyui -raw-)
    [PATCH] Modified remastering of intro atmo to fix saturation (Anti-Saturation)

    The mastering in the demo for the first atmo sample was the cause of an ugly saturation.
    Also, the pitch issues seem to be attenuated in this version but I didn't do any direct changes...

    Napea (feat. Anna Nyui -raw-)
    [INSTRUMENT] Intro first part now plays arp pad instead of sidechained choirs
    [INSTRUMENT] Outtro now plays piano instead of sidechained choirs
    [INSTRUMENT] Piano now plays during choruses
    [INSTRUMENT] Added SFX before final song impact

    I'll be honest, the demo was pretty messy and out of beat sometimes. This should be less the case.

    INDUNIA (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    [EXTENSION] Extended intro
    [INSTRUMENT] Added sidechained sweep (3xOSC)

    More dynamics with sweep.

    Blame Yourself (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    [EXTENSION] Extended intro with new pattern

    Silence (feat. Sukone Tei)
    [CAPELLA] Changed voicebank (Sukone Tei 3.1 CV (former) / Sukone Tei 3.1.1 VCV (current))
    [PATCH] Corrected cut between reverse vocal and impact

    The capella change was done on all Tei's songs.
    As for the unnatural cut of the samples, it's fixed now.

    FRANZESCA (feat. Sukone Tei)
    [CAPELLA] Changed voicebank (Sukone Tei 3.1 CV (former) / Sukone Tei 3.1.1 VCV (current))
    [MIXDOWN] Fixed filter cutoff low thresholds of arp to avoid fades on/off

    If I set the low threshold at 0, the pluck became silent. Now you hear it all the long!

    Do Not Dare (feat. Sukone Tei)
    [CAPELLA] Changed voicebank (Sukone Tei 3.1 CV (former) / Sukone Tei 3.1.1 VCV (current))
    [INSTRUMENT] Added impact at the middle of second verse

    Added a bit more dynamics, but that's a mild change compared to some other songs.

    Memento Mori (feat. Lily)
    [EXTENSION] Extended final bridge
    [INSTRUMENT] Removed pluck pattern at the intro
    [INSTRUMENT] Harmor arp pattern now plays during the whole final vocal part
    [MIXDOWN] Deactivated reverb sub-effect of post-Nectar Elements treatment for bridge parts

    For the intro, it's to more fit the actual TV version (don't ask for it, private track) of this song, which didn't include the Sytrus pluck at the beginning and started with the atmo.
    (Note: OST type song, some restrictions have been set for this track, ref to Terms of Use)


    At the end of April I'll air a cover of "Lience" with IA ROCKS on MQube. The cover/remix for May hasn't been chosen yet.

    And as for Akari, I'm just waiting for the opportunity to ask a shipment for her, that will come very soon. Finally a release date!
    For me I think it won't be before mid-May (the time the package gets out of Japan, I'll have to wait at least for one week)

    For the albums, Akari will have lots of songs which will be done in June and July mainly.


    As for the lyrics I write for other producers, they will soon be posted here in French and Spanish as well.
    - for French and Spanish, I give official lyrics, so please only use these ones. Same for English.
    - For other unsupported languages (all that is not French, English, Japanese and Spanish), if you want to translate the lyrics, please use the English text, which is the original file. Not Japanese! (As for French and Spanish these will be adaptations so little changes possibly...)
    This will be written soon on the terms of use, no worries.


    Enjoy well the album!