• CD18.5 "Unseen"

    CD18.5 "Unseen"


    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    And here is the album "Unseen". I got some pleasant surprises when I made the music tests. So I hope you'll enjoy this album a lot!

    Changelog time!

    Carene (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)

    [INSTRUMENT] Added bass pluck (Mikro Prism)

    I found out that the song sounded quite empty. Hence the adding of the bass.

    Muriel (feat. Gahata Meiji -Lilith-)

    [EXTENSION] Extended bridge between first chorus and second verse
    [INSTRUMENT] Added sup arp piano notes during second verse and first vocal bridge
    [PATCH] Corrected capella volumes (Anti Saturation treatment)

    And the only song with Meiji in this album which doesn't use VCV (I tried VCV for the song, she sounded really detached). So it stayed with the original CV capella. Also this version having a little trouble of volume when remastered, I corrected it for the album.

    Aithnea (feat. IA)

    [EXTENSION] Extended outtro
    [MIXDOWN] Remastered arp bells pattern

    The arp modification is maybe the slightest one.

    Lost Innocence (feat. IA)

    [CAPELLA] Added "la la la" part during first chorus
    [EXTENSION] Intro now begins with SFX

    I noticed that on the first chorus, IA can sound a bit detached. And on the second chorus she sounded more than correct. Now this should be better!

    Tara (feat. Namine Ritsu)

    [MIXDOWN] Remastered capella (second NE treatment)

    For Ritsu, it's the reverse problem of Meiji. His voice is a bit soft but sounding really human for me and that's why I always kept it.

    Bloody Infection (feat. IA)

    [INSTRUMENT] Added snareclap in other measures including GM beats
    [INSTRUMENT] Added growl synth during second chorus
    [INSTRUMENT] Added SFX before second verse

    Just for dynamics. Nothing else.

    Necessary Judgement (feat. Gahata Meiji -Lilith-)

    [MIXDOWN] Remastered capella

    With the VCV version. And the music was sometimes too loud in some cases. Corrected.


    The tracklist for March will be given to you at the end of next week. As for the song "Petulantia", yes, I switched the place with "White Sleep". So, just saying... "Petulantia" is with Lily, and I tried to do dubstep. Um... Unless you know how to configure her correctly on the dynamic level, this is maybe not a good idea. But hey, I think you'll have a good surprise. This will be aired later in the morning (near 11 AM maybe? (French time))


    The plans for a cover on March are not determined yet, when I'll get an idea, I'll tell it in a blog post.


    See you later...