• CD16 - "Maidens of the Horrors"

    CD16 - "Maidens of the Horrors"


    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    Title that quite fits with Halloween's month! There's a bit of everything: yangires, yanderes, some sort of horror stories...

    (Ah and no song for all audiences, sorry)

    Changelog time!

    01. Anais (feat. Gahata Meiji -Lilith-)
    [CAPELLA] Modified vibrato of 3 notes in C2 parts

    Slight correction for enhancing the quality.

    02. HAZELNE (feat. Gahata Meiji -Lilith-)
    [INSTRUMENT] Changed synth presets (Toxic Biohazard (x2) -> M1 (x2))
    [INSTRUMENT] Changed snare roll type at middle of C2 part
    [INSTRUMENT] Roll+SFX at middle of C1 part

    Maybe one of the songs that has been the most heavily modified. I didn't really like what I did with Toxic Biohazard at first, and when I did this, I didn't own the M1 yet.

    03. Curse of the Magnolias (feat. Gahata Meiji -Lilith-)
    [EXTENSION] Added bridges between after each first type of verse (Toxic Biohazard)
    [INSTRUMENT] Changed intro preset (Toxic Biohazard)

    Same for this one, it was the intro that... Seemed weird to me.

    05. Daralis (feat. Lily)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added crash rolls
    [INSTRUMENT] Added SFX at beginning of last chorus
    [INSTRUMENT] Removed SFX in outtro

    The dynamics have been enhanced a bit. And the ending is not weird anymore.

    06. Haunted Reflection (feat. Lily)
    [INSTRUMENT] Removed kicks in second bridge
    [MIXDOWN] Global remastering
    [PATTERN] Changed pattern for intro

    I had a problem between making a longer intro with repetitive patterns. Finally found the way to fix this.

    08. ENJELE (feat. MAYU)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added lead bridge at the end
    [INSTRUMENT] Toxic Biohazard pluck has been raised by one octave
    [MIXDOWN] Raised volume of chorus lead

    Slight changes.

    09. Ginevra (feat. Anna Nyui -raw-)
    [INSTRUMENT] Changed supersaw patterns
    [INSTRUMENT] Supersaw now plays at the end

    Some parts were also weird for me in the demo, and when I made it I thought "I have to modify this for the album". Quality a bit enhanced.

    11. Down to Hell (feat. Anna Nyui -vivid-)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added pluck at bridges and last chorus (Sytrus)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added VFX at the end
    [MIXDOWN] Application of the new volume measures for VEGAS Pro 15.0 build 177
    [MIXDOWN] Lowered chorus capella (-0.5dB)

    For the general mixdown this was the song with the less troubles. But I wanted to add some dynamics to it as well.

    12. Maeva (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added VFX and kicks in the second part of the intro
    [INSTRUMENT] Added perc loop at roll at the penultimate chorus
    [INSTRUMENT] Added ending SFX
    [MIXDOWN] Application of the new volume measures for VEGAS Pro 15.0 build 177
    [PATTERN] Changed ending atmo/pad pattern for bridge and at the end of the intro

    In terms of volumes, this song was the most problematic one. Made it less repetitive at some parts as well.


    Sooooo what happened with this build of VEGAS Pro actually? The pan controls had been changed for the first build of the v15, so this was the explanation for the -3dB volume when I used the manipulations that I had to do in previous versions (and that I can use now in the current build of VEGAS Pro!). That was not that bad for Meiji though, who had a very strong voice.

    Next songs to be aired will be "BELICIA" then "On Both Edges", on this weekend. Between the computer maintenance and the fatigue, I had some difficulties to work on musics and lyrics. So no worries, this will come soon. Zunko's song is on next Thursday for reminder.

    Next cover will normally be on November 18th. Yeah, a week before the album airing, again. The next one on the list is "Segments Blue" with IA. (MQube only)

    The work paces for the 2 next weeks... The next week it's the same as the current one, but the week of Halloween... There are 3 possibilities due to a little problem on my side:

    1) I may do the fastest pace but I'd have to advance many works for Monday and Tuesday
    2) I do the fastest pace, but the song that was scheduled for Tuesday would be aired or on the Monday or on the Wednesday depending of how it goes
    3) I do the medium pace, and actually it would be a "6 songs a week" pace, with the Tuesday without anything

    I invite you to keep an eye on the "Work pace" corner at the top of the right menu.


    Tracklist of November : I'm still working on it and it's not ready yet. I'll try to give that to you at the end of the next week. Along with the schedule for the week of October 30th-November 5th. Be sure that Sayu and Itako are confirmed for this tracklist though, and they will both have scheduled songs (on the 11th for Sayu, on the 14th for Itako (this one will come very late in the night though!)).