• CD16.5 "Babylon" (+ so much info news)

    Hello, Nynthixia there!


    It's been almost a month since there was no message in the news. But I have lots of news to share now. The album airing, the reveals for the covers of December and January, the tracklist of the album that will be aired on January, and some new little "DAW food".

    I assume this expression.

    Here is the changelog of "Babylon". But before, I wanted to thank you a lot for "Bird in Cage". The song was composed for Zunko's birthday and it became one of the most popular songs. Views counter on piapro exploded, and all the little nice comments...
    Thank you everyone!

    (The songs being the same as their demos (and it included Zunko's song) are not indicated in the changelog. Same as usual)

    01. BELICIA (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    [INSTRUMENT] Changed intro pattern constitution
    [INSTRUMENT] Added VFX before last chorus

    Maybe one of the songs that has been the most heavily changed in this album. I just added a bit more dynamics and modified the intro. Quite funny to call the song "BELICIA" when it has some beautiful bells to begin with. Haha.

    03. Blindness (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    [EXTENSION] End extended and modified
    [LYRICS] Added lyrics (R3 + R4) at the end

    The new lyrics in English and in French are included in the zip file, the Japanese ones are on the booklet. I thought the song was a bit too short so I extended it with new lyrics!

    05. Lyra (feat. Tohoku Kiritan)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added VFX at the end of uplifters
    [INSTRUMENT] Added impact at the beginning of last chorus

    To be honest, when I composed the demo, few hours later I had some new ideas. "OK it will be for the album" so here it is.

    08. Christine (feat. Namine Ritsu)
    [INSTRUMENT] Slayer now plays all the song but the intro
    [MIXDOWN] Compressor added in final mixdown
    [PATTERN] Slayer pattern at the outtro has changed

    I had difficulties with the Slayer and the demo sounded quite weird with the demo Slayer ending. I changed it so it sounds a bit more correct.

    09. Denial (feat. Namine Ritsu)
    [EXTENSION] Extended intro and outtro

    Basic extension, even if the song doesn't have the same beginning.

    12. Babylon (feat. Lily)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added SFX before bridges

    I added a few more dynamics. But no way I extend this song that is already very, very long (almost 6 minutes...).


    Next: the January album!

    It will be aired... On January 27th. On IA's birthday. But there are some IA's songs in it and there will be an IA solo song that will be aired (you won't have this name until next month though). Some of the tracks are scheduled.

    CD17.5 - Dying Rule

    01. Dying Rule (feat. CUL, Yuzuki Yukari) - WILL BE AIRED ON DECEMBER 22ND 2017
    02. Emma (feat. CUL)
    03. Gaelle (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    04. Calumnies (feat. Yuzuki Yukari, Lily)
    05. Psycho Liar (feat. Lily)
    06. JOZEFINA (feat. CUL)
    07. Abandoned (feat. Hoshine Stella) - WILL BE AIRED ON DECEMBER 11TH 2017
    08. FANIA (feat. Hoshine Stella)
    09. Letha (feat. Hinomoto Oniko)
    10. Shining Shrine (feat. Hinomoto Oniko) - WILL BE AIRED ON DECEMBER 25TH 2017
    11. Toxic Romance (feat. IA -ROCKS-) - WILL BE AIRED ON DECEMBER 20TH
    12. Anemone (feat. IA -ROCKS-)

    So, remember when I said I would do a duet Yukari/CUL? Now this is the confirmation, there will be one!
    Also, little info, the song "Psycho Liar" will be the first to be aired, at the time I'm writing this, its instru is already done.

    Talking about instrus, let's talk about music plugins.
    I got not one, not two, but three plugins!

    That's what I meant by "DAW food"...

    These are the names:
    - FM8
    - V-Station
    - Hybrid 3

    Ah and FM8 is featured a lot in "Psycho Liar" ^^
    Actually all the synths in this song are FM8 except for a lead made with GMS, that's all I'm going to say!

    (Thanks the Black Friday for the ridiculous prices)


    And next, the covers. I have to delay a little bit the "CARLA" one, but these are the names of the two sele's songs I'll cover the 2 next months:
    - On December 16th: "Tears for Dear" with CUL
    - On January 20th: "ALETHEA" with or MAYU or IA -ROCKS-
    Both will be on MQube only, so be sure to check it out sometime!
    (Both of the covers use non official instrus but their quality is really really good no worries)

    And of course if sele airs a song with its instru, this song becomes prioritary on the list, delaying some others to the months after.

    Info on songs seasons now.

    The season 3 of songs will stop when I'll get FL Studio 20 (there's no FL13 just in case you're wondering!).
    Just because the third season is getting a bit too long (since June 2016).
    WARNING: Songs using Fruity Delay 3 and/or Transistor Bass and that will be produced within FL Studio 20 will only be eligible to compatibility patches with FL 12.5.1, but not with former versions of FL, and will be marked as "Restricted compatibility patch".


    As for the work paces, the fastest pace will be applied for the weeks December 25th/December 31st and January 1st/January 7th. But I can't give any schedule for them right now (except for the 25th) since it will depend of how fast I'll advance on the January tracklist.
    There may be a third week of fast pace at the end of January, but I'll wait some confirmations on my side.

    As an ending word, congrats to Zunko's team for Itako's Voiceroid, they reached the goal within a couple of minutes.
    She's really good as an UTAU, and I'm sure the users of Voiceroid will enjoy her a lot.

    Again, thanks a lot and hope you'll enjoy these musics! <3