• CD14 "Rebirth from Paradise"

    CD14 "Rebirth from Paradise"


    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    Here is the new album, "Rebirth from Paradise"! With quite a lot of changes because only 2 tracks out of 13 are same as demos.

    Changelog time!

    01. Master Mind -Rebirth Edit- (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    [MIXDOWN] Compressor treatment (AS)
    [VOCAL] Changed V3 Yukari to V4 Yukari Jun

    Maybe the slightest change in the whole album. This track is considered as OST.

    02. Ariana (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    [MIXDOWN] Modified global reverb of capellas
    [PATCH] Last phoneme of last chorus doesn't create artifact anymore
    [VOCAL] Changed V3 Yukari to V4 Yukari Jun (chorus)
    [VOCAL] Changed V3 Yukari to V4 Yukari Lin (verses)

    "Why did you not change everything into -Jun-?" The answer is that the -Lin- voicebank fixes a big issue that the natural Yukari has: the 1/16 and 1/32 phonemes (especially 1/32) that are not performed very well. There should be less cuts. Other patch to resolve a problem of final phoneme that repeated the consonnant.

    03. Illogical (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)
    [EXTENSION] Extended end
    [VOCAL] Changed V3 Yukari to V4 Yukari Jun

    I also changed the vocals for "Illogical". The song has been extended a bit.

    04. When They Call (feat. Hinomoto Oniko)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added SFX in intro, before bridge and second chorus
    [INSTRUMENT] Changed lead instrument (other Sakura preset)

    The original Sakura preset was too loud. The album version should sound a bit more natural.

    05. ADANTHE (feat. Hinomoto Oniko)
    [EXTENSION] Extended end
    [INSTRUMENT] Removed some beats at the end
    [INSTRUMENT] Added SFX for end of beats transition in outtro
    [INSTRUMENT] Added kick roll at the end

    Changed the dynamics of the song, I also wanted to fix a problem of missing frequencies at the ear, but it seems that it's not possible. The album ver has some more natural transitions though.

    07. Juliana (feat. Yurika Sayu)
    [EXTENSION] Extended intro
    [INSTRUMENT] Added impact at the half of last chorus
    [MIXDOWN] Modified volume of harmonic parts (Anti-Saturation)

    "Juliana" is a very, very dynamic dance/trance song. Just a little point of impacts was added.

    08. DALIANA (feat. Yurika Sayu)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added crash rolls and impacts
    [MIXDOWN] Remastered impact sound (Maximus treatment instead of NE treatment)
    [MIXDOWN] Reverb modified

    The impact sound should be more dynamic now. The reverb was a bit problematic: lyrics that are not very understandable and problem of possible harmful high-frequencies. The reverb is now extremely light, and since Sayu sounds quite well human without any modifications...

    10. Bad Reasons (feat. Momone Momo)
    [INSTRUMENT] Changed lead preset (other Autogun preset)
    [INSTRUMENT] Extended slayer
    [MIXDOWN] Remastered bridge/arp

    The original Autogun preset for the lead was a bit too loud.

    11. Three Minutes (feat. Momone Momo)
    [INSTRUMENT] Changed order of instruments in intro (sequence pad > kicks > lead)
    [INSTRUMENT] Added rythm pad, roll+SFX during bridge
    [INSTRUMENT] Removed beats in the two last measures of the bridge

    I didn't change the timing of the song... On purpose. However, the intro of the demo was quite unusual and I found a better combination.

    12. Semira (feat. Momone Momo)
    [EXTENSION] Extended end
    [INSTRUMENT] Changed lead preset (other TBio preset)

    Note: the phase of the PoiZone pad has changed a bit, but this is not very obvious, and the quality isn't altered. As for the lead, I left the preset for the pluck, but not for the lead itself (too loud).

    13. Master Mind -Despair Edit- (feat. Lily, Namine Ritsu)
    Inedite track

    New inedite song, the -Despair Edit- of "Master Mind", with Lily as main vocal and Ritsu as backing vocal. Unlike the -Rebirth Edit- that sounds very light, the -Despair Edit- has a more hardcore/hard techno based style. A very good music genre for Lily especially. And promised: this edit has a reduced length (a bit less than 5 minutes) but also a higher BPM (150 versus 130).
    Track considered as OST.



    As for Tmbox, there is no upload anymore since the upload interface disappeared on June 6th. I got the surprise while uploading the June cover.
    Same system on MQube than on Tmbox: only originals have their download links on, not the covers of the remixes of songs that aren't mine.


    Other reminders:

    Before June 18th: "Better than Nothing" (Zunko+Yukari) [this song is in WIP status]
    June 19th: "Pretending" (Tei)
    June 23rd: "LISANA" (Itako)
    June 24th: "Never Tell Them" (Itako)
    June 26th: "Can't Trust" (GUMI)
    July 6th: cover of "Ref-Rain" (Yukari -Lin-) -> MQube only!
    July 15th: album "Never Tell Them"


    There are other things, mainly for August:

    - There will be no song for Meiji's birthday, at least on August 8th. The song will be aired on August 4th instead, it is on a Friday, and this is the date that is the closest to August 8th, day included in an offline production week (August 5th to 12th).
    - There will be a song for Totoko on July 10th. Title still undecided.
    - A song derivated from the CHARON game "Full Bokko Youchien" may be aired soon. It will be with MAYU and will be called "Re;Verse". The game has an English translation so less errors of understanding for me. I may use the "BAD END" as template.
    - 5 songs derivated from the CHARON game "Menherafflesia" (sorry if this looks weird, CHARON made a pun between the word "menhera" and the word "rafflesia" from what I understood) will be aired in late July/beginning August. There is the little list of these songs, none of them has a proper schedule though. Unlike the "Full Bokko Youchien" one, I don't have any English translation and used what I understood from the text I knew and the images of the game. There may be some errors!

    01 - JIMENIA (feat. CUL) - derivated from Matsuri's story - from the bad end probably
    02 - Hester (feat. IA -ROCKS-) - derivated from Mihomi's story - I hesitate between bad end and happy end for this one
    03 - Damaris (feat. Lily) - derivated from Ayume's story - same as Mihomi's, I hesitate since both of the ends are... Hum.
    04 - Isabela (feat. Zunko, GUMI) - derivated from Moeko's story - bad end
    05 - NANZIA (feat. Yuzuki Yukari) - derivated from Nenene's story - bad end

    If you really want to know without spoilers, of each of the 5 "HAPPY ENDS", only 2 are actually happy. REALLY.
    And if you want to search for the game, type "メンヘラフレシア" into YouTube or NicoNico web search. Good luck. (Warning: can contain harsh content)

    All of these songs will be yandere, at least, normally.
    And don't forget I alterate a few between game and songs (especially because I'm mostly doing lesbian yandere, don't forget).


    "And no August tracklist"?
    It's still in WIP status, I only have very few title names. But no worries, still working on it, since I'll have an idea, I'll write it down.