• Bunch of excellent news o(ᗒᗨᗕ)o (incident end + upgrade)

    Hello, Nynthixia there, with two excellent news!


    V4 packages!
    Just arrived few minutes ago!

    They arrived very early as expected! (laughs) The V4 of Zunko and Yukari will be used from now. This includes:

    - covers of June 9th and July 6th!
    - album versions of any Yukari or Zunko songs (I won't tell you if there will be any other changes, not funny else)
    - the new songs that will be made with Yukari or Zunko


    I posted a screenshot on Twitter of the "lost" folder of flp files, so everything is now saved (2 independent copies on 2 different external hard drives). That means you can know request me ANY MATERIAL. Yeah, no damages. Everything is in good shape!


    Sure everyone is happy now! Incident over, time to go to V4 files...
    We are still waiting for the V4 Lily and the V4 IA that is currently WIP (the IA VB, not the Lily one as far as I know).

    Well see you on Friday on BOTH Tmbox and MQube (the little new one) with the cover featuring Yukari's vocals!
    Time: JUNE 9TH midnight (Paris time) / 7 AM (Japan time)

    Please enjoy!