• Brainsick


    Music, lyrics : NynthixiaP
    Rearrangement : iZotope Nectar Elements, ExpressFX
    Tracks mixing : Sony Vegas Pro 13
    Synthesizer : Soundation
    LIC (instru) : 12FR-150912-00404
    LIN (full) : 「597 923 221」
    IMIC (full) : 12FR-NYN8937-150912-000086
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    Album : The Insane Door - TRACK 7/23

    Rating : Mature (first class) - M12
    Not recommended for people under... : 12
    Reason : shocking/disturbing content
    Restricted on : (none)

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    Japanese lyrics



    こんにちは。 お元気ですか?
    知りません... 助けて!私は細かい...しかし、今日でした...



    Original English text

    Everyday, thoughts are worsening in the head
    Reflecting the pure madness of all this time
    Is there anything that I can do to escape?
    Bring back please this sanity again as on ancient days!

    The story is writing on a red wire extending through the hours
    Hands full of injuries and scriptures, it's totally unreadable
    The pain in each thought shows up until the next night
    Impossible to sleep, the spirits are invaded by those demons

    Hello. How are you?
    I don't know... Help me! I was fine... But today...

    Bonds between the two worlds are separating
    The daylight is unseen today, behind the rain
    Closed windows don't stifle the noise of the falling water
    Remaining thoughts are now going away from me...

    Is there an escape way to this unbearable torture?
    If only it existed, the nightmare would be over
    By looking in the mirror the possible future that could continue
    The fears began again to go through this ill mind...

    And French adaptation!

    Chaque jour, les pensées dans ma tête empiraient
    Reflétant la pure folie de tout ce temps
    Puis-je faire quelque chose pour m'en empêcher ?
    Par pitié,  redonnez-moi ma bonne santé d'antan !

    L'histoire s'écrit sur un fil rouge qui à travers les heures s'étend
    Les mains pleines d'écritures et de blessures, je n'arrive plus à lire les inscriptions
    La douleur dans chaque pensée ressurgit jusque dans la soirée maintenant
    Je ne peux plus dormir, les esprits sont envahis par ces démons

    Bonjour. Comment allez-vous ?
    Je ne sais pas... Aidez-moi ! J'allais bien... Mais aujourd'hui...

    Les liens entre les deux mondes se sont séparés
    Aujourd'hui je ne vois pas la lumière du jour, cachée par la pluie
    Les fenêtres fermées n'étouffent pas le bruit de l'eau de pluie
    Les pensées restantes en moi s'en sont allées...

    Puis-je échapper à cette insupportable torture et comment ?
    Si seulement ce moyen existait, le cauchemar serait fini depuis longtemps
    En regardant dans le miroir le possible avenir qui continuerait
    Les craintes ont recommencé dans cet esprit torturé...


    I wrote this during the last month, and now, it's time to work on it and the CD3.5, that's why it's aired only today. I also took my own feelings as template for the song. And it will be a good intro for a little surprise, upcoming in October or November. As "Damned Artist" told about a hated painter who finally suicided in the despair, "Brainsick" talks about a song writer and composer who finally gets mad because of what she's writing. But for her future, we don't know what happens. I think she will heal her problem.
    Sorry I'm not very good with the "talkloid" style, I already made some tries in "C.O.M.A. Roulette" but... I only learnt how to make ust for songs, not for dramas... m(_ _)m

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