• Blog changelog

    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    Yes, the blog has a all new skin... I'll explain what was done.


    It has been revised for Ruko due to the new design.


    Design updated.


    Menus have been revamped. [Note : a first revamp was made on Sunday, but a closure wasn't needed ("one-shot" patch)]
    Adding some channel links.
    Adding the list of songs by references (identification codes). [redirects to a Google Doc]
    Updated some titles to avoid confusions
    Adding the menu for "Lily"


    Renamed from "Home" to "Homepage"
    The picture for Lily has been made again due to a misprint.


    Now on each singer page, you'll see under the recommended songs, the voicebanks that I use, and if they have been modified by registering again (oto.ini removed) or by correction (oto.ini corrected).


    Other news.

    CD3.5 : still in work in progress, the next songs to be aired are "Supervising" by Meiji and "Lana" by Tei. The album will be aired (if everything happens correctly) at the end of October.

    CD4 : I began a scheme with it, the album will normally include Lily (3 songs), Aika (3 songs), Midori (3 songs), Meiji, Stella and Oniko (one song each). For the moment, only Oniko's and Meiji's songs are aired for this one. The CD will be for late November or early December.

    Have fun!