• August tracklist - CD15

    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    Well, finally managed to finish the August tracklist. There will be some scheduled tracks, and normally, everything should be produced during July and until mid-August.

    This is the tracklist (and the album title):

    CD15 - Necrosis - air date: August 26th 2017 (Sat.) 12:00 AM (Paris time) / 7:00 AM (Japan time)

    01. Mandragora (feat. Gahata Meiji -Lilith-) -> scheduled to AUGUST 4TH
    02. Love Wounds (feat. Shirahane Totoko) -> scheduled to JULY 10TH
    03. Infamous Betrayal (feat. Anna Nyui -raw-) -> will be produced during July
    04. Back from Madness (feat. Hoshine Stella)
    05. Iphigenia (feat. Hoshine Stella)
    06. Latent Thoughts (feat. Hoshine Stella)
    07. Re;Verse (feat. MAYU) -> will be produced during July
    08. JIMENIA (feat. CUL)
    09. Hester (feat. IA -ROCKS-)
    10. Damaris (feat. Lily)
    11. Isabela (feat. GUMI, Tohoku Zunko)
    12. NANZIA (feat. Yuzuki Yukari)

    Reminder: the reason I don't air the Meiji's birthday song on August 8th is because I'll be offline on this date, and the 4th is the closest date where I'll still be online.

    For the songs "Re;Verse" and "Infamous Betrayal", I'll explain why I already say they will be for July:

    "Re;Verse", like I said in a previous post, will be a modified derivative from a CHARON game ("Full Bokko Youchien") that already has a first translation in English, making it easier to understand to me. Compared to the tracks that will be derivated from the other recent CHARON game, I have more advance in the story and will do the song prioritary to the other ones.

    "Infamous Betrayal" will be aired in July because of a physical limitation. For VCV voicebanks such as Itako or Nyui, I have to use a computer that can't be moved (it's not like my working laptop that I can bring with me everywhere, like this I can work wherever I want and whenever I want!) and that is at home. During the offline week and the week after this one (Aug 5th -> Aug 19th), I won't be able to work on songs featuring VCV voicebanks. Since in July I stay at home, I can easily work on songs for Nyui or Itako. Hence the decision.


    As for the July album, this is a recap of what has to be done:

    This week: "Deadly Candle"* (<- instru is done) then "Murdering Passions"* (definitive order, I can't give any dates though)
    Next week (not on July 6th, 8th or 9th): "Encounter", "Red Raspberry", "ROSAPINA"* (order can change)
    * possibly not for all audiences.

    That will make the song with Totoko... The first one of the CD15 to be aired as a demo?

    Also remember that on July 6th the cover of "Ref-Rain" with Yukari -Lin- will be aired on MQube!