• Athame


    Music, lyrics : NynthixiaP
    Rearrangement : iZotope Nectar Elements, ExpressFX
    Tracks mixing : Vegas Pro 15
    Synthesizer : FL Studio 20
    LIC (instru) : 12FR-180624-00846
    LIN (full) : 「599 073 518」
    IMIC (full) : 12FR-NYN8937-180624-000984
    Instrumental + sung version
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    Album : Corruption Syndrome - 2/15

    Rating : Questionable - Q
    Not recommended for people under... : 10
    Reason : possible confusing content
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    Japanese lyrics





    Original English text

    I denied to obey any violence in this world
    A strong spirit is keeping me away from the flesh and blood
    Hatred, calumnies and wrath have become my worst foes
    Standing against a humanity who never asks

    At the south of this universe I am calling from below
    Under the trees of darkness where only demons cry
    Between the flames of the passion I call for the gods
    Lend me the strength and the will for granting this wish...

    The boundaries between the dream and the reality appear on the ground
    I wait in the silence for a whisper in her ears
    Under the white hands blessed by the beings from above
    I finally feel the resonance from another world

    Fighting against the despair of these crying beings
    I call for the sovereigns of an ethereal world
    Together we are bringing the wonders to life
    I promise that we will never be separated from each other...

    And French adaptation!

    J'ai refusé dans ce monde à obéir à la violence
    Un esprit fort me garde éloigné de la chair et du sang
    La haine, les calomnies et la colère sont des ennemis maintenant
    Je me tiens contre une humanité qui ne demande jamais dans le silence

    Au sud de cette univers j'appelle dessous le ciel
    Sous les arbres de ténèbres où pleurent les démons
    J'appelle les divinités entre les flammes de la passion
    Prêtez-moi la force et la volonté d'exaucer ce souhait...

    Les frontières entre rêve et réalité sur le sol sont apparues
    J'attends dans le silence dans ses oreilles un murmure
    Sous les mains blanches bénies par les êtres de l'au-delà
    Je ressens enfin la résonance d'un monde au-delà

    Combattant contre le désespoir de ces êtres aux larmes infinies
    J'appelle les souverains d'un monde éthéré
    Ensemble nous amenons les merveilles de la vie
    Je promets que l'un l'autre nous ne serons jamais séparés...


    Originally I was going to air this yesterday. Problem of fatigue, I had to upload this today instead, at the same time as GUMI's birthday song.
    For the ones who are wondering what an "athame" is, it's a witchcraft knife that can't cut anything, that can't touch blood (this is not a mere knife!) but instead, has the role to direct magic, to write the circles on the ground... Only magical roles.
    Music: Actually, I began this one few weeks ago before leaving a project at the "unused" state, then more recently (on last Sunday), I decided to finish it, and that gave the current instru. Synths by Hybrid, pad, sequence pad, screaming chords by Toxic Biohazard, organ lead by M1.

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