• And 2017 is going away...

    Hello, Nynthixia there.

    Just in case, I published "Death Seeker" (the song, not the album, not yet) just there. This will be the last song of 2017. Well, this is. Now this is aired.

    So, there won't be lots of news, just a little modification that I'll explain on a schedule. No big worries.

    First, I wanted to say "happy new year" (even if we're not in 2018 yet, and still I have 8 hours late compared to Japan). I'm quite glad to be here. There was some evolution in the work, going from the V3 engine to the V4, there was no new vocal acquired on 2017, but you know that next year, well, Akari... You know all of this, right?

    So few info now.

    - "R.a.w." became an OST. Which means there may be some conditions for reprint (ref to Terms of use)

    - S04 will begin probably not before February from what I understood. If you remember well, S04 will be open when FL20 will be officially released. For the moment we still have some betas. And I'm not really working on betas. This season may be the one with the less clear transition of all. The S01/S02 was pretty clear, the S02/S03 still quite clear. The S03/S04... I already made a big transition when I acquired FM8, V-Station and Hybrid, where the style changed a bit.

    - The cover of February is cancelled.
    Actually it will be moved to January 21st [Sun.] (the day after the airing of the album "Dying Rule"), and it may not be a cover but a remix. I won't tell more about this remix, but it will be MQube exclusive. And I really, really have to do my best for this one.

    - A new sheet is available. This will give you the automatic deadlines for some songs using main and regular vocals. I also included Akari in the list.
    If there is a mistake in the dates please tell me so I can correct!

    - And I think that's it. A little tab for next week schedule is available here. (bottom of the post)
    Which means on tomorrow you get the yandere duet song!
    Midnight airing for this song will not be possible. Expect more an afternoon/evening airing.

    Enjoy! And big thanks for this year! Thanks for the support on some songs such as "Bird in Cage", and some others... This makes me really glad... And it's thanks to you I want to continue.
    So... Thanks!!!