• Album exclusive tracks, schedules

    Hello, Nynthixia there.

    Like I said on Twitter, the album exclusive tracks of "Truth Garden" will be the songs "Alina", "Penelope" and "Megara". So this actually cancelled... 2 MQube and 3 piapro posts. This gives you a little idea.

    That said, I have these tracks to do:

    - "Never Ending", "Never Forget You", "Hidden", "CLIONE", "Complaints" : these songs will be aired or this week or next week or the week after it. This means I'll have to do a tracklist soon, and I already wrote some ideas down.
    - "Night Garden" : this song will be aired on August 25th. This is the Lily's birthday one.

    For covers... "Scarlet Rose" with IA for August 21st, for reminder. The September one though... I have 2 possible projects but for the first one I need another authorization so... Can't really say which one it will be. As soon as I'll get an answer, I'll be able to tell you which project will be in place. Covers will be posted on MQube.

    And of course, the album "Necrosis" on August 26th! The "Truth Garden" one will be on September 23rd, and it may be possible that I post a crossfade for this one soon when all the demos and album versions will be finished. The crossfade will be only on YouTube, and if ever you want to listen to the crossfade over and over in mp3, please use the "contact" link on the blog because I won't post it publicly.

    Why a crossfade only for "Truth Garden"? For all other albums, it was quite... Useless. The only album exclusive tracks were or different edits of a song which already had a demo (the Memories Edit of "CHARA", the Despair Edit for "Master Mind" and the rework of "ARSENIUM"), or remastered and patched versions of songs that have been already aired (case of "Aenea" (which still has a mistake in the lyrics, I know) and "OCTARINA" (it was a patch on the lyrics)).
    Now that there will be 3 tracks for which the "public demo state" doesn't exist, well... Decided to be a bit sadistic and to air a crossfade almost a month before its air date!
    No, I'm not THAT evil. *laughs*

    In a nutshell:


    August 21st: cover "Scarlet Rose" with IA -ROCKS- (MQube). Work pace at "between 3 and 6 songs a week"
    August 25th: "Night Garden" with Lily (blog, and possibly MQube depending of the quality)
    August 26th: album "Necrosis" (blog, fichier-zip link [Warning: no "all audiences" song in this one!!])


    September 4th: work pace reduced at "2 or 3 songs a week"
    September 16th: cover on MQube, can't reveal the project yet since I'm waiting for an authorization for the "plan A"*
    September 23rd: album "Truth Garden" (blog, fichier-zip link)


    * plan B may be a cover of "Segments Blue" (GUMI or kokone) or "CARLA" (CUL or Lily). If I get the authorization for the plan A, these covers will be done another day. All new sele's songs may be prioritary if the instru is posted.
    EDIT 8:46 PM GMT+1 : If "DIETRICH" has an instru, cover with Lily for September if I don't get the authorization for the A plan. Thanks, sele!