• Airings for August/September

    Hello, Nynthixia there.

    I didn't give any news last week here, so I do it now.

    Before talking about songs, I... I still feel pain because of the recent events, I think you all know what I'm talking about. All the world knows it. And I'm really disappointed about the situation.


    OK, now I said it, the infos (finally).

    For the moment I still have a lyrics stock for one song (a tragedy), it will be for this week. Not for today I think. I don't have any remixes/covers plans for now, it will maybe be for later. Not sure to what to do.

    For the albums... "Perish Songs" has a very early air date, September 3rd (it's on a Saturday) and I chose it because on beginning of September, I won't have much work to do compared to what will follow in the next weeks. Also I'll probably be slowed down on September to 1 or 2 songs a week if the amount of work is very big, but I'll try to do my best. The second album of September will be for a Saturday as well, maybe on the 24th. Problem : I don't have any tracklist, even the organization plan is very unclear in my head, so I won't tell any tracklist for the moment. You just know, just like me, that it will include "Fireflies", "Earth Moon and Hell", "The Other Myself", "Unforgivable", and the song that will be aired later on this week. And I don't have an album name either. Maybe later on August?

    I have in my plans to do musics with the regular singers, maybe a few more with Stella and Tei (mainly Tei, she has so few songs)... I need to keep an eye for Kiritan and Itako as well, but I want to wait for Zunko if I want to do an album with them. IA will still have few songs to get as the same level as others.
    No scheduled songs with Oniko and Sayu however, at least, for the moment.

    Same for Ritsu, I should use him in a near future.


    For transcendent track... "Perish Songs" will be classic version only, for the second September album... It will depend of time. If I have enough time, I'll do it, else, only classic version.

    Other thing : from the albums which will contain S03 songs, transcendent and classic version will be reunited in a single .zip file. The .zip file will be heavier (>200Mo) but at least... It's a two-in-one.