• Air date of CD8 changed + news for other albums

    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    I originally announced CD8 "Wasted Smiles" for July 11th. But there is a possible problem : as I said in the last live (making-of of "HAGENIA" instru) I go to an expo the previous day (July 10th) and I know very well how that happens, I'll be very tired and I won't be able to do a correct midnight airing. So I decided to change the air date of this album.

    And you will be happy, because it will be on July 9th (on the Saturday) midnight (GMT+1).

    I'll be less tired for this day and you'll have the album few days before the original date. Isn't that great?


    Else, this week, I've been a few slowed down on the production, sorry, but the artist blocks are unavoidable... At least I've got a plan for this week-end. Only clue : with Ritsu, answer song to something.


    Other news for albums :

    CD8.5 : still at the same status, transcendent transitions and booklet aren't done yet, I hope I'll do them next week.

    CD9 : the tracklist isn't ready yet, especially for the end. All that I can say is that the singers will be Lily, Yukari and Ritsu (+ IA and kokone as "guests" in the group song). The name of the album is "Perish Songs". I'll publish the definitive tracklist as soon as possible.


    And one last thing, I also told about this in the last live... I'll hope to contact the circle EastNewSound soon for a possible remix of Flandre's theme (Touhou) because I used some of their lyrics (else it will be only instrumental but it would be too bad). And there would be a remix of "Pandemonic Planet" as well soon... But I'll write the lyrics myself. And you'll have to wait because these tracks will be only album exclusive (it won't be a classical album)... Not before August I guess.