• A Vocaloid... Soon? (This is not a joke)

    Hello, Nynthixia there!

    If you went on the blog home, maybe you saw a picture of Lily, in black and white, without any link.

    No I'm not kidding.

    We can have Vocaloid in France, OK the stuff is very limited, but we can import from Japan. I'll get a Vocaloid3 and a LilyV3 for my birthday, soon. Yes. It's confirmed.
    (OK this was the other part of yesterday that wasn't confirmed yet, but today, yes)

    I'll have three things for my birthday, Vocaloid3 with her Lily V3 (go go LilyV3 starter pack) and FL Studio. If you read it carefully, you should noticed that the date when I'll get FL Studio is for my birthday.

    Will I have another Vocaloid? No, at least, not for the moment. And if I must get a second one, it would be Yukari.

    But Lily is my favorite, and for people who should ask, no it's not because of sele if I love Lily. I first discovered her with a friend, who made a remix of "Circus Monster" (original by Circus-P), and especially with Lily. And then I discovered sele's works, with "Marie-Luise", "Chloe" and "Blood Error" first.

    I'll take a snap when I'll get everything. I'll think to it. Because Vocaloid is very difficult to earn in France, a proof will be welcome.

    For the moment you'll still have UTAU songs, that reminds me that I must work on these lyrics (ha ha spoiler).

    Have fun everyone!

    Remember : if you should begin with UTAU or Vocaloid, begin with the virtual singer who looks the cutest for you. You're right Circus, and that's why Lily will join the team soon in mid-October.


    (PS : There are chances that I talk about Lily in the future series that I told about in the last news...)